10,000 Steps for 10,000 Men – The finish.

Following on from my last post, I successfully completed my 10,000 steps for 10,000 men challenge in aid of Prostate Cancer UK.  Throughout the month of March, I walked or ran (mostly walked truth be told!) at least 10,000 steps per day, which was around four and a half miles.

In total I did 355,401 steps which equated to 258.65 km or 160.71 miles and raised £740.00 for Prostate Cancer UK.  It wasn’t always easy.  Physically it wasn’t difficult but finding the time to fit in the walks was, especially after the lockdown started and working from home, I no longer had my 3 miles walk to and from work. I was incredibly lucky with the glorious weather we had in March and I confess to doing more than one exercise session per day, sometimes going out three times on short walks, just trying to get the steps in.  It was for a good cause though and neither I or anyone else was put at risk during the walks.

I was pleased to get to the end but I did have some enjoyable walks.  One Friday evening in particular comes to mind. 

Sunset over the drain

 I still needed to do quite a lot of steps as I had been busy with work during the day and hadn’t managed to get out. I was set to give up on the day but my best cheerleader Patrick talked me into going out whilst he cooked our meal and so with the promise of a beer waiting for me afterwards, off I went.  Up Endike Lane towards Beverley Road, back through the little park next to Cross Keys and along the field behind Endike School towards the drain.  It was just starting to get dark and the light was beautiful, I was so pleased that I’d gone out. Leaving the drain and on my way back down Endike towards Cranbrook it looked so beautiful with the car and street lights just coming on and the sun setting behind it all. Not the best quality of photos with my phone but evokes a nice memory for me anyway.

The best thing about posting this update as long after the event as this is that I can impart the best news we could have got, that Patrick’s operation was successful in removing all of the cancer as it was located in the prostate only and hadn’t spread anywhere else. 

Endike Lane