30 Days Wild – 13th June

Today I am catching up with the 2 episodes of BBC Springwatch that I’ve missed this week. I have enjoyed this series tremendously with the teams all presenting from their home locations. The minute and a half mindfulness clips have been beautiful and I’d love it if they were to make these available to download and keep for future viewing.

I haven’t blogged everyday but I have definitely been having random wildness moments each day just by watching the activities of the birds in our garden. This certainly brings me peace and helps alleviate the stress of my working day. Just taking five minutes to stretch my shoulders from being hunched at my desk whilst standing at the window watching the birds has kept me sane these last few weeks.

So, I’ll leave today’s post with a random selection of photos from around and about.

Cheeky little lady house sparrow
Tufty up close
Mr and Mrs Mallard
The River Hull full to the brim