A bit more February!

Oh dear!  I’m really not doing well on blogging regularly am I?  What I really want to do is to blog thing just as they’ve happened. You know, so the memories and feelings are fresh in my mind and heart.  With that thought, I’ve remembers a bit of February that I missed from my last post.

Knitting – I completed a cowl for Mason.  A chance to practice my colourwork technique which I’ve been really enjoying.  Just a simple zig-zag pattern but with aran weight yarn, the double thickness fabric makes a lovely cosy cowl for him for walking to work in the cold.

Before the cowl, I had knitted a hat for Joshy, the 6 year old son of a work colleague.  Lucy was telling us how Josh had been to The Deep and loved the penguins, one of which was called Ralphy.  Their surname being Ralph, Josh thought it was super that a penguin had the same name as his.  This little tale gave me the idea of knitting a hat with penguins on.  Josh loved it and apparently wore it all night, including whilst eating his tea!

It was a great project for me because I was able to practice colourwork techniques of knitting with both hands, catching floats and latvian braid.  I felt I had made real progress and enjoyed it enormously.

So, onto March…