A Walk in Hull

The weather was so lovely today so we decided to go into town to have a look at Hull’s newest bridge, Murdoch’s Connection. Crossing the main dual carriageway in and out of Hull, it has been much needed to link the retail and leisure businesses of the marina and Humber Street on the south of Castle Street to those of the main part of the city centre.

We parked on the east side of the River Hull, near to The Deep as we enjoy the walk over Scale Lane Bridge and down the riverside walkway to the Marina. There was a lone curlew poking about in the mud for it’s lunch and I was happy that it posed long enough for me to get a few photos.

I’ve seen lots of pictures and read lots of descriptions and I have to say the bridge didn’t disappoint me. It is a stunning piece of engineering and architecture and is a welcome addition to an area already popular for a day out. There are so many access points with ramps or steps, it’s almost a day out in itself trying to decide which to use! It was so nice to see so many people enjoying it, the seating facing the marina and the viewing points on the bridge itself. It’s name was chosen from a short list by way of essays written by students of two of Hull’s schools and then the best essay chosen by the public. Mary Murdoch, Hull’s first woman doctor was the winning choice and the bridge is called Murdoch’s Connection.

We crossed the bridge from the Marina side over to Princes Dock side and enjoyed a wander towards Whitefriargate where I took a few more photos of the beautiful architecture down there. Such a variety from the Art Deco of Burton’s and Georgian Parliament Street with Victorian splendour thrown in for good measure.

William of Orange, King Billy to us in Hull

Reaching the end of Silver Street, we decided not to go straight back to the car, it was such a gorgeous day, it seemed a shame to finish the walk. We walked down Market Place back to the A63 to head back over the bridge to the Marina and then the car. At the end of Market Place on a gable end facing the A63 is a most amazing piece of street art I’ve ever seen. Created by internationally renowned artist Dan Kitchener it looks even more impressive up close than it does on the photos I have seen of it. That’s what I call street art!

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