I decided to start a blog, to just keep track of day to day life, hobbies, holidays etc.  Not sure how often I’ll blog or how long I’ll keep it up, I’m a notorious starter of grand schemes but rarely a finisher!  The blog is primarily for me, to look back at past times and enjoy the memories.  If anyone else is entertained by my musings, all well and good.  You are most welcome along for the ride.

Why Tenfoot Jill then?  If you are from Hull, you will know but if not the following should explain:

Tenfoot in Hull vernacular means an alleyway or passage usually behind houses used by cars and people to access the back of their houses.  So called because they are mostly 10ft wide.  They are somewhere for children to play out in relative safety and if I was to say to anyone from Hull that the kids are larkin’ out down tenny, they’d know exactly what I mean!  Larking also being a Hull word meaning playing.  

Who am I?  I’m Jill,  a Hull girl through and through.  I work as a Financial Controller for a local company which sounds very grand but isn’t really.  I’m mum to two sons, both now grown and flown the nest, the eldest down to that there London working for the Government Digital Service and the youngest still in Hull working for a conveyancing company. I live with my lovely partner, Patrick, we enjoy the same things, mainly food and drink!

Hobbies are knitting and crocheting, which I take everywhere with me, reading or listening to audiobooks and podcasts.  I also enjoy Real Ale, craft beer and Belgian ales, as well as nice wines and good food.


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