An award and an FO

I’m very pleased to have been awarded the Liebster Blog award by Clicky Needles.  Clicky’s blog is always a pleasure to read so check her out if you haven’t already.

This is an award system between bloggers with less than 200 followers.  The idea is that when you have received the award, you put the icon on your blog and then have to award it to between 3 and 5 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers themselves, you notify them by a comment on their blog and announce the winners on your own blog.  It’s a good way of publicising blogs and also finding other blogs that may interest you.  I’m having a bit of a think about who to give the award to, a problem I’m finding is that most blogs don’t show the number of followers, so how do you know how many they have?  I’m going to have to hazard a guess I’m afraid and hope for the best!  I’ll hopefully have made up my mind by next week and will post the winners then.

The other news is that Tappan Zee is now finished.  It just needs a light block to even out the stitches, I’m really pleased with how it turned out in this yarn.  Modifications I made were to put a garter edge on the sleeves to match the neckline and bottom and to omit the diamond pattern at the bottom.  I also finished it off shorter because I wanted it a shorter length.  I can’t believe how far that yarn seemed to go.  I had already knitted Meret out of it and used less than a ball for that.  I’ve now finished a cardi that is supposed to take 700 meters with less than 600 meters!  My next mission is to get Maude Louise finished and done with before the weather gets too warm to wear it!!  However, for some odd reason I have a hankering to knit a toy of some description next.  I’ve no idea why because I’m not one for cuddly toys or nic-nacs around the house so I’ve no idea what I would do with it once finished but still, the notion keeps nagging away at me.  A nice bunny or teddy in some lovely Wendy cotton dk I have stashed seems to be the general train of thought. 

Rightio, I’d best get back to work now.  See you next week, with the winners of the Liebster announcement and hopeful a progress report on Maude!