And the winners are.

After much pondering and trying to discover how many (or few) followers a blog has, I’ve finally decided to whom I am going to award the Liebster awards.  It was quite a difficult one really and in the end, I decided to go with what was in front of my eyes with regard to followers, if it didn’t say on the blog, I’ve assumed there to be less than 200, if it did say on the blog, I’ve assumed that to be correct even though there are different ways to follow that may not show up on the blog itself.  As you can see, I’ve been tying myself in knots with this, probably unecessarily!

The idea is to put a copy of the award logo on my own blog and then to award it to between 3 and 5 other blogs and inform them via a comment on their blog, so without further ado, here are my 4 choices.
1. KateohKatie.  Kate is an American girl whose blog I started to follow after admiring her version of Maude Louise on Ravelry way back in 2009 sometime.  She’s articulate and witty, I enjoy reading about her life and her knitting and baking adventures and she makes me laugh out loud sometimes.  She also has a very cute doggie called Roxie 🙂
2. Squirrel. Shirley’s blog is always enjoyable and she makes beautiful project bags which she sells on Etsy and Folksy.  Make sure you visit her and follow the links to her shops…not that I am enabling or anything!
3. JosieKitten.  Just a lovely blog to read. Josiekitten lives in a lovely part of the country and posts beautiful photos of where she lives, her knitting and also her delightful cat Florence
4. SnoopyDog.  Another lovely blog to read, Snoopydog is Josiekitten’s friend and her blog follows a similar format and always cheers me up. Another one with a cute pet, Oscar the labrador is just gorgeous.

Please have a look at the above blogs if you don’t already follow them, that is afterall the idea of this award scheme, to get us all to look into blogs we have previously been unaware of.

I do enjoy reading blogs of ordinary knitting folk like myself and seeing the photos they take of their knits, surroundings and pets.  Thank you to all of the above (and bloggers everywhere) for allowing me and others into your lives in this way.

And now for an update on Tappan Zee…you know it was finished?  Well, I decided that it wasn’t and frogged the border to knit extra rows.  The more I tried it on, the more I felt that it wasn’t working as a cropped cardigan.  The yoke is too patterned and it looked top-heavy and unfinished.  So, I unpicked the cast-off and frogged the garter rows, knitted a few extra rows and put in an eyelet row which I think makes it look more ‘finished’.  I then re-knit the garter rows and cast off.  So, I present to you….. Tappan Zee, in Adriafil Soffio Plus.

These pretty buttons were from Textile Garden.  The service, communication and delivery were excellent and I’m sure I’ll buy from her again.

So, next up for me is to finish Mason’s second sock!  I started and finished the first one in record time for me back in September last year.  These are the MUMTU (Mash-up Magic Toe-up) socks and I’ve just turned the heel of the second sock so am onto the leg now.  I’m hoping to get these off the needles by the end of the weekend.  Then, I intend to finish Maude Louise at long last before I allow myself to start anything else.  Get me being all disciplined!!  I’ve just managed to talk myself out of buying some extremely cheap Noro Silk Garden at Knit Night tonight so I’m feeling particularly proud of my willpower.

That’s all for now folks, see you next week with some finished socks I hope!


  1. Your cardigan is lovely! I so admire all the ripping out and re-doing – always a bit scary! Good luck with the second sock, I'm a fan of the MUMTU socks too.

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