3 Replies to “And the winning ticket is……”

  1. I’m guessing this is a hint to get another blog post up so that my beautiful bag isn’t staring at you all the time?? Like you said…OK, we’ve seen the bag now! haha.

  2. Jill I do love your bag! It really is amazing how often you’ve won the raffle and I think I’m coming a pretty close second, despite there usually being approximately 30 other people with tickets. Given that we each have one ticket, it’s obviously pure chance, though I think the raffle angel must be on our side. Kiss of death!

  3. Oohh, that bag is lovely! You do indeed seem to be very lucky in the raffle stakes.

    I have a few projects on the go too, so I know what you mean about feeling you’re getting nowhere with them.

    I really like the pattern for the green jumper. I’ll look forward to seeing more photos of it.

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