30 Days Wild – 19th June

I think I’m very lucky in that I tend to see beauty all around me, even in unconventional places or situations, like the office car park for instance. I’m definitely the kind of person who gets excited when I see a plant growing in between cracks in a concrete landscape.

So today I popped into the office as I do once every week whilst working from home in these strange times. As I drove into a parking spot my eyes were drawn to a pretty patch of poppies down the side of our and the next door car parks. I rushed to take a photo or two and such was my enthusiasm for their beauty, I didn’t even notice the litter around them until I looked at the photos afterwards. I’ve cropped it out of the pictures, ugly has no place in my little world. 😊

30 Days Wild – 15th June

I’ve had a severe migraine since Saturday night and yesterday passed in a blur of sleeping and throwing up! I woke this morning not feeling much better so phoned in sick and went back to bed. It was a relief to wake up at lunch time feeling like I was coming out of the other side.

So today I have been sitting in the garden just listening to the birds singing and watching them coming down to our feeders. I think I’ve been more stressed over work than I realised and the peace of our little garden has been a blessing today.

30 Days Wild – 13th June

Today I am catching up with the 2 episodes of BBC Springwatch that I’ve missed this week. I have enjoyed this series tremendously with the teams all presenting from their home locations. The minute and a half mindfulness clips have been beautiful and I’d love it if they were to make these available to download and keep for future viewing.

I haven’t blogged everyday but I have definitely been having random wildness moments each day just by watching the activities of the birds in our garden. This certainly brings me peace and helps alleviate the stress of my working day. Just taking five minutes to stretch my shoulders from being hunched at my desk whilst standing at the window watching the birds has kept me sane these last few weeks.

So, I’ll leave today’s post with a random selection of photos from around and about.

Cheeky little lady house sparrow
Tufty up close
Mr and Mrs Mallard
The River Hull full to the brim

30 Days Wild – 9th June

I’m not managing to do something every day but I’m not going to stress over it, that would be counter productive. I’m enjoying what I am doing and I’m definitely thinking about nature each day.

Sunday and Monday were horrible days weather-wise and I just couldn’t be bothered if I’m honest. Monday was a busy workday anyway.

Tuesday was a fabulously wild day though. A bright and sunny morning so I went for my favourite local walk down the drain side. I decided to take some photos of the wildflowers and identify any I didn’t already know when I got back home. I didn’t know this one which I believe is a common knapweed.

I also loved the last of the dandelions with a little butterfly enjoying it.

I also saw poppies, clover and pretty Yorkshire fog grass.

Then, what an absolute delight. I could hear jackdaws calling from the trees on the opposite bank so was trying to spot them when I saw what I first thought was a ginger cat basking in the morning sunshine. It wasn’t a cat, it was a fox, two foxes in fact. Oh how I wished I’d had my camera with me, my phone just didn’t have the zoom capability to get a good picture. You can just spot them if you look closely!

We watched each other for a few minutes and then they slunk off into the undergrowth when a woman with two children joined me to watch them.

I walked back home with a spring in my step ready to face the day ahead and spotted this grass which is very familiar to me but I haven’t been able to find what it is called.

I was at home working when mid morning Patrick called to me to say there were a couple of birds we hadn’t seen before on the Niger seed feeder. We soon identified them as goldfinch fledglings.

This was so wonderful for us and we watched them for ages. For such little birds they can certainly eat plenty!

So, I think I had plenty of wildness on Tuesday to make up for the two days I’ve missed.

30 Days Wild – 6th June

Today, I chose to watch a wild webcam on the Springwatch iplayer channel. The reason being that it is blowing a hoolie outside and so I can’t do my planned activity of gathering elderflowers to make cordial.

So, sitting down with my crochet and watching the webcams with their wonderful natural soundtrack seemed a pretty good option on a day like today.