Crafty Update – 2022

It’s ages since I did one of these, the last one took us to the end of 2021 and here we are halfway through 2023, I’ll tackle 2022 first shall I? So, what I have been making? Well, lots of different stuff as it happens. All Ravelry links below for the knitting and crochet, to credit the patterns. Picture gallery at the end of the post.

First to be started and finished in January 2022 was Bead stitch beanie, in some yarn Michael had got me for Christmas, this was the second of two hats, the first one made on Boxing day 2021 was Trinity Beanie. I love both hats still and wear them a lot. Next up was a mash up of the Barton and Bondi hoodies by Martin Storey, inspired by another Raveller who had done the same. Bondi was the womens version but no pockets, Barton was the man’s hoodie, in stripes and with pockets. So I used the sizing and fit of Bondi with the stripes and pockets of Barton. I had cast on in January 2021 using some Katia Pima cotton that I bought from my lovely friend Colette, who has since passed away after a battle with Pancreatic cancer. So, I was pleased to finally complete my ‘Colette Hoodie’ in January 2022. I did an i-cord cast off on the front band and put in a zip and some grosgrain ribbon trim inside.

In February, I decided to use more of Colette’s yarn, she had sold off lots of it to fund raise for Pancreatic Cancer UK and I do still have quite a bit in stash. This one was something she had bought whilst on holiday somewhere and there wasn’t a lot so I decided to do a colourwork beret and a small scarf. The beret is Sweet Pea and was a lovely project to work on, the scarf I kind of made up as I went along and I don’t really like it to be honest. It was crocheted in alpine stitch, random width stripes with a keyhole to thread one end of the scarf through. It’s too wide and looks clumsy in my opinion so may well be repurposed at some point.

Early in 2022, the news was full of the horrific war in Ukraine and there were many appeals for various aid for refugees, one of which was small knitted or crocheted teddies for children. I had this great idea of making loads and donating them but ended up only making three. It was a cute little pattern but had no arms and Patrick said it looked really odd so I added arms to mine! I hope they made some little kids smile just a little. I also made and donated some hats but didn’t take any photos. Still trying to work from stash and in summer, decided to try to crochet a sun hat, the picture on my Rav project page is the best it looked, it was a bit rubbish really. The Katia Pima cotton was too soft to hold shape and the wire I got to stiffen the brim was too inflexible. It’s stuffed in the top of the wardrobe somewhere and I definitely wouldn’t ever wear it out in public!

Another summer project was this granny square bag that is all over the internet. I found a great set of diagrams on Pinterest for various layouts of bags from different numbers of squares. I used some Drops Paris that I had in stash and made 10 Sunburst granny squares. I finally got around to lining it in November and put a magnetic fastener on it. I’ve actually now sold it in my Etsy shop, more on that in the 2023 craft update!

In August, I started on a jumper for Mason for a Christmas present, as that was what he asked me for. We chose the yarn together in our local yarn shop Babes in the Wool and using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s seamless raglan sweater ‘recipe’ from her wonderful book, Knitting Without Tears, I measured him and made a start. Of course, I didn’t say which Christmas it was going to be ready for and as usual, I became side-tracked and it didn’t get completed until March 2023. He is however, very pleased with it.

November found me making yet another hat. I do love making hats, they are almost instant gratification, so quick to make. This time it was a hat I’ve crocheted before, Wynn. I was making it in a lovely mottled green colour, to match a new padded jacket I had bought for the winter and intended wearing on our upcoming trip to Teeside to visit the Grassholme Observatory for a night of star-gazing. I don’t appear to have blogged about that trip, nor have any photos which is a shame. The observatory is well worth a visit with telescopes and enthusiastic staff to explain what you are seeing in the night sky.

So, that’s the crafty round-up for 2022. Gallery below.