Crochet Blankets

I’ve discovered a new crafty love! Crocheted stripey blankets (or throws, whichever term you prefer). I ended last year with the Granny Block Blanket for Michael as a Christmas gift and started this year with the V-Stitch blanket I had hoped to do as a Christmas gift for Mason.

The patterns from HanJan crochet are part of her yarn stash series, designed to use up stash. However, as I liked her colour schemes for both blankets, I bought the yarn packs from Deramores. I was a bit disappointed with both yarn packs actually as the colours didn’t match up to the pictures of the blankets and I ended up substituting some of the colours anyway. I think the designer, Hannah’s blankets were probably made from her own stash so the actual yarns she used may not be available but even so, some of the colours were way off course.

Both projects were enjoyable but I think I preferred making the granny block one, the cream linking row between each colour felt like an anchor of sorts and seemed to help me focus. Here it is in situ on Michael’s sofa. How perfectly does it match?

The V-Stitch, although nice to do, started to feel a bit endless about halfway through. I just chose 9 colours and picked a colour one row at a time, with no pattern or scheme in mind. I think that for my personality though, I need a bit more structure or plan to work to as I started to get fed up with trying to decide which colour should come next. However, it turned out well and Mason is happy with it.

For anyone interested, the exact colours and yarns I used are listed in my Ravelry projects here : V-Stitch Blanket and Granny Block Blanket.

One thing I do want to crochet this year is a striped blanket for us, inspired by the beautiful sunrises and sunsets we see at this time of year. I love the colour palette of the winter sky and this idea has been bouncing around for a while now but I’ll need to buy the right colours. I’d best get some stash used up first!

I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures of my inspiration, although these phone photos really don’t do these lovely colours justice. Watch this space for a future winter skies blanket.