FEBRUARY – A day of Culture – Ferens Art Gallery

I think I’ve visited the City centre more in these first three months of 2017 than I have in total over the last 5 years.  I’m absolutely loving seeing so many people enjoying the city and what it has to offer.

We had a good wander around one weekend at the beginning of February visiting among other places, The Ferens art gallery which has had a multi-million pound refurb.  It re-opened in January to a great fanfare and much press interest due mainly to the addition to it’s already fabulous collection of a newly restored 14th century masterpiece by Lonzeretti and a temporary exhibition of Francis Bacon’s Screaming Popes. They had 10,000 visitors in the first weekend alone.

A bit of background on The Ferens Art Gallery, it is named for the man who bought and donated the land on which it is built.  The great philanthropist Thomas Ferens who you can read more about here .  He is well worth a read.  He helped establish Reckitt and Colman and as a great supporter of charity, by 1920 was donating