FEBRUARY – I Wish To Communicate

I just wanted to mention this art installation because this is the kind of thing that I hope the City of Culture year will leave as a legacy – community spirit.

There is an estate just off the City Centre, Thornton Estate.  It has a reputation for drugs, dodgy dealings and prostitution and most of us know little about it but that. However, as in most places, there are also plenty of good people living there and even some of the ‘bad’ ones just may turn out better given half a chance.

Instigated by an artist Silvio Palladino who lives on the estate and assisted by CoC funding and local charity The Goodwin Trust, this was in essence a very simple idea.  Each resident of the flats on the estate had a coloured filter fitted to the external light of their flat, they could choose their own colour.  At night, the flats are awash with colour.  The project was inspired by Hull’s connection to the sea and traditional methods of communication.

Watching the news report on the TV, I saw the various residents getting involved, helping to cut out the filters and choosing colours.  One lady commented that it had ‘got everyone talking to each other’. This is art being used in such a positive way, it’s possibly going to be my favourite installation of the whole year.

I didn’t manage to take any photos myself so have gleaned a couple from the many on the internet.  I hope the BBC and The Guardian don’t mind!

Photo credit BBC Radio 4

Photo credit The Guardian