Flamborough 2021

Back in January when I got an email from Haven holidays with their offers for short breaks, we were in the middle of another lockdown and thoroughly fed up. The prospect of our annual Flamborough trip was a welcome one so I booked a 4 night stay at a bargain price with the promise of restrictions to start to ease in April.

So, here we are in Flamborough. Having driven from home on Monday afternoon, we arrived a couple of hours before we would be allowed to check in, so decided to seek out the much photographed rock formation known as the drinking dinosaur, due to its shape resembling just that. We parked at the lighthouse which is always a good excuse for a photo.

Setting off down the clifftop path, turning right and heading in the direction back towards Bridlington, in about 5 minutes we spotted it. I took a couple of photos and we walked on a bit further before heading back to the car to get checked into our home for the next four nights.

The Drinking Dinosaur – Flamborough Head

Patrick had cooked a Spanish chicken and chorizo casserole which we enjoyed for our meal with sourdough bread and a bottle of rioja before hitting the sack feeling tired. I woke up within a couple of hours feeling absolutely freezing. The caravan was like the inside of a fridge! Luckily there was a spare duvet which I dragged over us!

Tuesday dawned bright and sunny and we decided to walk the clifftop to Bempton. It was a lovely walk and we had plenty of stops to admire the views and the seabirds. The problem with a linear walk though is that you then have to walk back… And there ladies and gents is where the struggle began. The whole walk from door to door was 7.3 miles and I can honestly say I couldn’t have taken another step. My feet and legs were killing me. It’s a long time since we were last out walking and even then, we don’t tend to walk more than about 3 or 4 miles so this was tough. I was relieved to wake on Wednesday feeling OK and not stiff or with sore feet. I don’t appear to have taken any bird photos this day, which I’m sure you’ll have realised by now, is highly unusual for me! Here’s a view from the cliff path looking back on North Landing.

North Landing from above

The best thing about our Flamborough breaks is that we never have set plans which means our mornings are leisurely. We had breakfast and made a sandwich for lunch and decided to head to South Landing to walk around the nature trail and down to the beach. We started to walk along the beach with the intention of reaching Danes Dyke and then returning along the clifftop but the tide wasn’t quite far enough out and it was a very rocky journey so we turned back. We walked down to Selwick’s Bay and were very fortunate to see a seal hauling itself up the rocky beach for a spot of sunbathing.

We then walked along the cliff top back to Thornwick Bay and after a hairy spot that we really shouldn’t have attempted as it was cordoned off with a detour across a field in place, I was relieved to arrive at Thornwick still at the top of the cliff rather than at the bottom! The sea was very choppy and the waves were quite spectacular and it was whilst taking a photo of the iconic Thornwick arch with waves crashing around it that the tide rushing in caught me out. I tried my best to quickly get back out of the way but unfortunately tripped backwards over the pebbles and landed flat on my back in the sea with the waves crashing over my lower half….and my precious camera. It was a very cold and soggy walk back to the caravan where Patrick then rescued the memory card from my camera whilst I had a hot shower to try to bring back the feeling to my legs and feet!

Here is the photo, just before I fell on my bum in the sea. I now have this one on a large canvas above the fireplace at home!

Thornwick Bay Arch

All too soon as always, our break came to an end and the next day we were homeward bound but with a nice selection of photos to remember a lovely trip. Slideshow below and below that, for some relaxation, a short video of the waves crashing onto Thornwick Bay beach.

Thornwick Bay beach