Freedom Festival Weekend 2018

 As anyone who knows me well will attest to, I absolutely bloody love Freedom Festival.  It is the highlight of my year and something I look forward to very much.  Started in 2007 to celebrate the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade led by Hull’s very own William Wilberforce, the Festival has just got bigger and better each year.  

Apart from the first festival which was really just a big all day gig on Queen’s Gardens, the festival has been held mainly in the Marina and Fruit Market area of Hull, with Queen’s Gardens holding some events too.  Last year however, the main festival site was Queen’s Gardens, with events taking place in Queen Victoria, King Edward and Trinity Squares. Both Patrick and I felt that was very much to its detriment.  Some of the acts were spectacular in their ambition and execution but for us, just a tad boring.  There was a lack of the vibrant atmosphere that was always down by the marina and it just all felt a bit flat quite frankly.  We had a good time overall but certainly didn’t feel the same buzz as we have in previous years. 

The Sunday was a lovely day when the Hull International Carnival took to the streets. Community groups from the many different cultures we are lucky to share our city with dressed up and partied.  The stand out act over the whole weekend for both Patrick and me was BLOCK, performed by No Fit State Circus and Motionhouse.  An amazing show of acrobatic, balance and strength with a bit of humour thrown in.

Add all this to the beautiful weather, lots of food and few beers and you’ve got a wonderful weekend of memories.

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