From Now On

I’ve realised what it is that keeps me from keeping this blog updated. Perfectionism.  Yes, you heard that right.  Me, the most imperfect ‘oh that’ll do’ kind of person in the universe suffering from a bout of perfectionism.  What brings me to this conclusion is the memory of something about time management I read years ago basically saying that we put off jobs because we can’t see how to deal with things in small chunks, we just see the big mess and think we can’t tackle it in the time we have. A kind of perfectionism, wanting to have it all sorted out in one go. Instead we need to think of the time that we do have and choose a part of the job that we can do in that time. Eventually it all gets done and then it is easier to keep on top of.

That’s kind of where I am with this blog.  I want to have everything in it, in the right order, with all the photos and all the words but because I am way behind, I keep putting off this mammoth task of catching up and therefore I’m not blogging my current experiences because of that.  So, Perfectionism step aside, Mrs Phuckit is coming through!  Some posts might appear out of chronological order but they are long posts so they’ll get done when they get done and I’ll post them then.  I might even post them in more than one part! Get me being all unconventional.  From now on, I want to try to post as things happen or thereabouts anyway. 

So, I taught myself to crochet a few weeks ago and have made a few pairs of pretty little Mary-Jane baby shoes in different colours.   These purple ones are my favourite, gifted to a work colleague for his brand-new grand-daughter.

One of the things I really want to be able to do though is crochet amigurumi and Tipsy Bunny is my first ever attempt.  So called because I think his facial expression makes him look slightly drunk. His ears, arms and legs are all different sizes but I am still rather pleased with him.

Until next time…