Happy New Year.

Resolution number one – blog more often!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas break. We’ve been very lazy and its been wonderful. Lots of sleeps in, full English breakfasts and sitting watching The Ashes. I’m not really a cricket fan, far too complicated for me! Patrick is though and I have absolutely no objection to sitting on the sofa all day eating chocolates and knitting whilst the cricket, sky-plussed the previous night, plays on in the background :-).  The spooky thing is that during the last Ashes series, I knitted my purple Mr Greenjeans and what do I find myself knitting during this Ashes? Yep, my red Mr Greenjeans!  It’s almost finished, thank goodness as I’m losing the will to live now, it seems to have been going on forever but I really want to finish it before I start anything else.  For Christmas from my sons, I got the books New England Knits and Alice Starmore’s Fishermens Sweaters, they are gorgeous and I’m dying to knit something from either one of them.

Happy New Year to everyone.  May your knitting adventures continue (or even start maybe?)