Hats and a shawl.

I mentioned last week that I was test knitting a hat design for Knitting Kninja, well I finished it and my son immediately claimed it, declaring it to be the most comfy hat he’s ever worn.  Here it is

Horatio hat

I love how it turned out and he is right, it is such a comfy cosy hat.  I had sort of promised it to Patrick but Mason got in there first so I’ve had to knit another one for Patrick.  I’m not complaining because it is a nice hat to knit and very quick too.  I knit the second one in the same yarn but in a lovely shade of brown, kind of reddish brown almost and Patrick is very happy with it.

I also finished one of the baby hats I’m knitting for my work colleague.  I converted the hat pattern to knit in the round on magic loop because it was written to be knitted flat and seamed.  The seam would have been up the back of the hat and I really didn’t want to think of a tiny baby having to lie on a seam, it might be uncomfortable and they can’t tell you what’s hurting, only cry.

Now, I have cast on for another shawl, I probably shouldn’t because I have lots of things I need to get done but hey, it’s my hobby and I’ll do with it what I want!  I decided to go for it because a group I am part of on Ravelry is having a KAL (knit-along for the uninitiated).  The group is called What Would Madame Defarge Knit, named for the book that it is centered around.  WWMDfK is a great knitting book, first thought up by podcaster Heather Ordover of Craftlit.  It features over 20 knitting and crochet patterned inspired by classic characters in literature.  The shawl we are knitting at the moment is called Wilhelmina’s Shawl and is named for the heroine of the book Dracula.  We are currently listening to Dracula over on Craftlit so this is fun to do. I’m using some Aruacania Ranco Multy in an orange/purple colourway and it’s looking good so far.  I’m only going to knit on this for the hour a week I listen to the podcast though because I do have other things I want to get on with.

If you fancy listening along to Dracula, I really recommend it!  It is such a cool and creepy book, none of your Twilight rubbish here.  Just click DRACULA.

UPDATE:  previous link didn’t actually link to the Dracula post on the Craftlit blog, I’ve fixed it now! (note to self; check  links before publishing posts ;-))


  1. I love the WWMDFK book, it’s a book you can read as well as of knitting patterns because each chapter has a background on why the designer chose that character etc. I bought the E-Book because it was much cheaper than shipping from the US, I like that it’s in my Rav library and I can print out individual patterns as I want them. You should look up the WWMDFK group on Ravelry Lynne, it’s only just getting started but I think it’s going to be quite good fun with all the KALs planned. I love the Craftlit one too, some great discussions about the books we read. I’ve never read Dracula, though it’s been on my ‘to read’ list forever so I’m really enjoying listening to the book and the discussions on the podcast.

  2. Love the hat, and I love the idea of WWMDFK, I haven’t heard of it before. Mina’s Shawl is gorgeous, and thanks for the Dracula link, it’s one of my favourite books. I bought my copy a million years ago in a second hand book shop for the princely sum of £1.25. I have no knowledge of Twilight other than the name, and feel no desire to find out more!!

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