I went for a walk this morning.

After a really restless night I was lying in bed just waiting until it was a reasonable time to get up. By 7am I was up and dressed. The morning was beautiful, cold but sunny and bright so I decided to go for a walk. My usual walk down the drain. There were a couple of dog walkers that were out and about but it was otherwise very quiet. The robins are singing to claim their territories at this time of the year and there were a couple of them in trees either side of the drain. One sings and after a short pause, almost as though he’s trying to think what to say, the other one replies. Mr and Mrs Mallard were bobbing along the water and a moorhen was swimming along, rummaging in the undergrowth overhanging the waters edge.

I had been feeling really grumpy after my bad night’s sleep but returned home feeling so much better and ready for a cooked breakfast.

Mr and Mrs Mallard
Sunny morning down the drain side.