I’ve seen a few different performances at this fab little theatre space and I’ve just heard today that it is soon to close, the whole building being for sale. I really hope new buyers come in and continue the excellent work started here. I doubt that will happen though, the focus at the moment seems to be on redevelopment and I suspect that’s what will happen to this five storey building.A couple of weeks ago Patrick and I went to see my old work colleague Bernie Laverick and his Made in Hull band perform their album Another Day. Also on the bill were the brilliant Ched Cheeseman performing his one man blues show, All Gone South, a band of school kids who were all excellent musicians and Fiddler’s Elbow, a folk outfit who kept us entertained with not only their brilliant, toe-tapping tunes but a great banter with the audience. Bernie and his band, headlining the night’s entertainment were simply outstanding. Great musicians, talented song writers and a joy to watch. A brilliant night of music in a wonderful, intimate setting.

On Thursday night with our friends Pete and Donna, we went to see blues legend (so I’m told) Li’l Jimmy Reed. I enjoy blues but I’m not such a fan that I know any names but I can well imagine that Mr Reed at 81 years of age is most definitely a legend.Firstly though we had a meal, having heard so much about the pizzas and been wanting to try them for ages I naturally went for a meze platter of hummus, olives and bread! The others had pizza though so I was able to try theirs. They were as enormous as I’d been led to believe and very nice if a little dry. So, through to the theatre to find it packed. We were lucky to find four seats together and soon after, the trio came on stage with a combined age of around 240 at a guess, all sporting dazzlingly sparkly outfits.Bob Hall on keyboards stole the show for me. He was the spokesperson, informing us that “Jimmy is a man of few words”. His keyboard skills were something to behold. A lady on bass whose name I didn’t catch kept rhythm and Jimmy himself was fantastic on guitar and mouth organ. Another great night of music at this fab venue. It will be sadly missed.