Lockdown Life

I have been working from home since 24th March. As I write this post, that is 8 weeks and 4 days.  I honestly thought we would be back at work within a month when the lockdown was first enforced.  Mostly, I’m enjoying working at home but as my colleague Debbie is furloughed, it is a bit of a struggle to keep up with the workload.  The worst part really is that we obviously can’t go out, away for a weekend or anything that we would normally do to switch off from work so I feel like it is very ‘work/eat/sleep/repeat’.  The best part though, is being able to sit in the garden for my lunch when the weather is nice. Listening to and watching the birds is my meditation for the day.

As we are not going to be going on holiday this year, we have invested a bit of time, effort and money into our garden, it is a very small space but we have done our best to make it a wildlife haven.  We get such pleasure out of watching the birds at the feeders and sitting out when it is warm enough that we decided to extend our little pond with a cascade feature, see video below.  Since then we’ve got a couple of pond plants in there too.   

We also bought a small hawthorn tree for blossom and berries for the birds and a dwarf cherry for a large pot outside the back door.  Already, the birds have claimed the water cascade and not a day goes by that someone isn’t bathing or drinking from it.  We’ve been privileged to witness our resident daddy blackbird feeding his two offspring and pairs of robins and bluetits with the males feeding their mates which is what they do just before egg laying apparently.  We’ve had a pair of goldfinches on the feeder that we bought specifically to attract them and of course, many chattering sparrows and squabbling starlings. We have named our blackbird Tufty because of a tuft of feathers sticking up on the back of his head and I can’t resist calling his two demanding juniors Ronnie and Reggie!  We were sure that our robins (called Bob and Bobette) also would be nesting nearby but we haven’t seen them for a while and no sign of any youngsters so I fear the worst.  We had a juvenile robin visiting us last year, very cute and were hoping our Bob and Bobette were going to be parents  raising a brood for us to watch this year.   See below video of Tufty feeding one of the twins, notice the other one coming from under the bush at the back to make sure he/she isn’t missing anything! 

I’ll leave you with a slideshow of photos all taken in our garden this year, mostly during lockdown.