The Deep

Well I haven’t been around for ages but I thought I would check in and update.  I’ve been busy, my mum has been in hospital and is now in there again.  So what with working all day and then visiting in the evening, I’ve not had a lot of time to myself. 

However, a few weeks ago P and I decided to have a day out to the local submarium (that’s aquarium to the rest of you but when it was built, they wanted to make it unique so decided to invent a name!  That’s marketing types for you eh?!  Our ‘Submarium is called The Deep and it is built right on the junction of our two rivers, the River Hull, which flows right through our city and the River Humber which used to be one of the busiest channels in the country with docks either side in both Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.  It’s been a while since I visited the Deep and some new areas had opened since my last visit, we enjoyed our day and I took a couple of photos.  The first is of a Clownfish (aka Nemo), hiding in the fronds of an anemone. 

Nemo peeping out

The second pic is of some eels, They were tiny, about 3 or 4 inches tall (well the bit that was above the sand anyhow) and only about 1/2 inch, if that, in diameter. I can’t remember what they were called I’m ashamed to say.  I’m also ashamed that despite turning off the flash of my camera and taking one picture, the second picture automatically flashed so I probably blinded the little fellas!  Just as well there were no staff around, it specifically says ‘No Flash Photography’.  I didn’t do it on purpose, honestly!  Anyhow, how cute are these guys?

How Cute!