Navigate – Hull Maritime City

Over the weekend, the city centre has been host to four light installations to mark the start of the Hull Maritime City project. A project which will see refurbishments and regeneration as well as the creation of visitor attractions promoting our rich maritime history. I’m really excited about the scheme, it has the potential to put Hull firmly on the map of places to visit and spend time in.

We decided to make an evening out of it and firstly popped into the splendid Hop and Vine for a beer, then onto Brew for another beer and round the corner to Tanyalak for some Thai food before heading off to see the installations once darkness had fallen.

However, I’m afraid I was a little underwhelmed by the Navigate installations. The blurb copied below from the VHEY website talks a good job but as with most of these kinds of things, the reality doesn’t really live up.

From VHEY – Navigate will include four stunning light installations