Never too late.

To let the world know that you are still around that is.  I’ve been procrastinating on this blog for weeks now, it gets kind of where you have missed so much that you don’t know how to get started again.  I mean, do I attempt to back-track and  tell of the events that have taken place chronologically?  I think not, it would come out like a list rather than a tale. Or do I jump right in and start from now?  I suppose so, after all that’s how it started in the beginning, I didn’t attempt to go back over my whole life to get it down on record or anything!  You just have to start where you are at I suppose.

I am not a good blogger, I don’t plan what to write, I just start writing and see what comes. Don’t get me wrong, I do read it through and make changes, it’s not completely ad-libbed but when I start, more often than not I don’t know where it will take me.

So, I’m going to jump in and start from now, if I track back and tell you about my summer, then all well and good.  Summer haha…try to cast your mind back, summer fell on one day in June this year I think 😉

Right now, we’re in the midst of selecting Universities with my youngest son, who will be applying this autumn to go next year.  He wants to study Maths and is looking at Nottingham, Lancaster, Leeds and York in the main.  Of course mum gets the fun job of driving him to open days but I believe it is important to make the right choice based on your feelings when you visit a place and not just from reading marketing blurb in a prospectus so I’m not complaining about it. 

On the needles ATM is a hat that I am test-knitting for the wonderful Knitting Kninja.  It’s a nice watch cap with just enough pattern detail to forestall the boredom usually involved in knitting hats for men (Why do they always want dark colours and stocking stitch or ribbing?)  It’s called Horatio because  it has a nautical look to it, I had a hand in naming it so I’m feeling quite proprietry about it :-D.   I’m using the Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran in Navy that I have left over from my FLS and I’m please with it so far.  Also OTN, I’m knitting baby things 🙂   I have a lovely work colleague who after many years of trying, is pregnant and expecting triplets!!  I’m knitting three identical layettes from a Sirdar pattern book but I won’t be posting pictures on here, that would spoil the surprise.