New Knitting Challenge

2018 is going to be the year when I finally crack two-handed, stranded colourwork knitting and to that end I’ve started on some lovely mittens, complete with corrugated two-colour rib and a Latvian braid trim…Woooo, get me eh!

After struggling with the technique of knitting with both hands, I got a little carried away when it finally clicked into place and forgot to read the pattern instruction properly.  Therefore, my first mitten will have a thumb that is 5 rows lower than that of the second mitten because I simply ain’t going to frog 5 rows of stranded colourwork.  Now, if these were to be a gift then I’d put this mistake right but as they are pretty much a learning project for me, I’m not going to obsess, just continue and learn from it.

I’m really enjoying the process now I’ve got my fingers to do as they are told!

What did I say about not obsessing and learning and moving on etc.?  I ended up tinking back, I just couldn’t start the thumb knowing it was in the wrong place!  LOL.  Back on track now though and enjoying my knitting for the first time in ages.