New Phone

I’ve got a new phone, it’s a HTC Wildfire  which is an Android phone and I’m loving it.  Patrick had got the HTC Desire a while back and the Wildfire is basically the same phone on the outside, apart from a slightly smaller screen.  On the inside, it does the same as the Desire but a little slower, it has a 584mb processor instead of the 1Gb on the Desire.

I’m not usually a gadget geek and never got excited about the iPhone/Smartphone revolution but Patrick’s phone was just a complete revelation to me, these things are in essence, pocket computers and I just never realised you could do so much with them.  Everything you can do on your computer, you can do with these phones.  As per the previous post, when I tested it out, I can take a picture and at the click of a button, post it either here on my blog, on facebook, twitter, to my Flickr stream as well as the usual MMS, Bluetooth etc.  My emails are automatically sent to my phone, I have access to the whole internet in the palm of my hand and then there are the Apps!  Thousands of them, ranging from the downright silly Who Farted to the useful 3G Watchdog which keeps track of your internet usage for those with a limit on their account.  I’m really enjoying getting to know my phone and it’s capabilities, I suspect I never will use it to it’s full potential though.  I’m hoping to blog a little more frequently too now that it is so easy to make short posts whilst on the move.  Sometimes it’s difficult to find the time to sit at the computer, upload photos from the camera and create a post.

In knitting news, I went to my knitting group last night.  Lesley the owner of Babes in The Wool, who runs the group always brings in bargain yarn for us to buy.  Last night was Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran, absolutely lovely at £1 a ball.  I managed to resist it although I was very tempted to buy some small quantities for hats and scarfs.  So the yarn diet is still underway.  I’m rather proud of myself 🙂