Post-a-week 2011 Challenge.

I’ve decided that I’m going to take part in Dailypost’s  postaweek2011 challenge and blog every week during 2011.  Sometimes it may be difficult to think of what to say but I’ll use the resources on the dailypost site for inspiration if necessary.  Sometimes I may have so much to tell you that I post more than once in a week (I doubt that though as I’m not the world’s most prolific blogger!)

I hope anyone who reads my posts will encourage me along the way with some comments.

So, here it is, the first of my regular weekly posts just to get me started.

First up – my new shoes.  These arrived at work in today’s post from Hottershoes.  The brown ones are Navajo in Tan combi and the boots are Verdi in Black Croc.  I already have a pair of these in brown croc and I can walk miles in them, they fit like gloves.

Seriously, Hotter do the comfiest shoes in the whole world.  I’ve never been a shoe fanatic because I can’t wear fashion shoes with high heels, they just hurt me too much.  Comfy shoes are not usually anything to get excited about so in the past, I have tended to get a pair and keep them till they’re falling apart and then I have to buy more.  Since discovering Hotter, I now love shoes.  They’re not high fashion, high heels but then again that’s not really me anyhow.  They are however good quality and stylish and most important of all, I feel good in them and that makes them worth every penny in my eyes.


  1. It looks like your Post-a-week resolution is working! I like how you posted about something quirky that is interesting to read!

    I am also a knitter and blogger and found that I was getting caught up in blogging ONLY about knitting. So tomorrow I plan to post a funny picture that I ran across that made me want to laugh out loud.

    The real reason I ran across your site is that I searched for others who blog about knitting so that I could invite them to my Knitting Marathon.

    If it piques your interest, take a look at my blog and join me on Thursday for an on-line Knitting Day.

    Thanks and Keep up the Post-a-Week – it’s working!


  2. Hi, I’m the PR Manager at Hotter Shoes, just picked up your blog – thanks for the kind words. I hope you enjoy many comfortable miles in your new shoes and good luck with your blogging challenge.

  3. What lovely shoes! I find it very difficult getting shoes because I have tiny feet, and I want at least a 4 inch heel!!

    Good luck with the blogging. 🙂

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