5 Replies to “Post-a-week 2011 Challenge.”

  1. It looks like your Post-a-week resolution is working! I like how you posted about something quirky that is interesting to read!

    I am also a knitter and blogger and found that I was getting caught up in blogging ONLY about knitting. So tomorrow I plan to post a funny picture that I ran across that made me want to laugh out loud.

    The real reason I ran across your site is that I searched for others who blog about knitting so that I could invite them to my Knitting Marathon.

    If it piques your interest, take a look at my blog and join me on Thursday for an on-line Knitting Day.

    Thanks and Keep up the Post-a-Week – it’s working!


  2. Hi, I’m the PR Manager at Hotter Shoes, just picked up your blog – thanks for the kind words. I hope you enjoy many comfortable miles in your new shoes and good luck with your blogging challenge.

  3. What lovely shoes! I find it very difficult getting shoes because I have tiny feet, and I want at least a 4 inch heel!!

    Good luck with the blogging. 🙂

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