Proud all round!

Well my biggest news for this post is that my brilliant eldest son, Michael, had confirmation yesterday that his PhD Thesis has been accepted meaning he has passed and is now officially a Doctor of Computer Science. He actually passed his Viva last year but with a few corrections to be made. Having recently re-submitted the thesis, he was awaiting the result which came by email last night. He rang me immediately and sounded absolutely thrilled.

To say I’m proud is an understatement! He has worked so hard for this and even though he didn’t qualify for funding, was determined that he wanted to do the PhD. His dad has been very supportive financially and there is no doubt that Michael couldn’t have done this without that support but Michael himself has worked too. Each summer he has managed to secure a well-paid internship which as well as contributing to his finances has given him more work experience to add to his CV. I’m certain that this helped in no small way to land him his current job with the Government Digital Agency in London.

In other more down to earth news, I was very proud last weekend when I finally finished the crocheted draught excluder I’ve been working on since the end of December. This was a large project for me as a beginner and a learning curve which is always good. I really feel that my future projects will be much better thanks to what I learned making this. If I do say so myself, I think it looks bloody fantastic!

I’ve spent a bit of time lately deciding what to knit next with the idea of trying to use up some stash. I’ve had some Stylecraft Ethical Twist in stash forever, camel and cream both in sweater quantities and oatmeal and baby cream in smaller quantities. A lovely wool/alpaca blend, it is absolutely gorgeous yarn and I’ve started numerous projects in it but it just hasn’t wanted to be those things and I’ve ended up frogging. I’ve finally decided on the stunning Masterpiece by Design Von Hinterm , knitted in the camel, I think it’s going to look really lovely. I cast on last weekend, almost as soon as I’d finished making up the draught excluder and it is looking good already.

So, having started using up some stash what do you think I’ve done? Of course, I bought more yarn! I got a book for Christmas, 200 crochet squares, so I thought I’d buy couple of balls of stylecraft special Dk, which is what a lot of crocheters seem to use and a couple of balls of Scheepjes Colour Crafter, to compare the two.

Now I have to add at this point that they are now under the bed and I haven’t tried them out yet!! I bought them from the Wool Warehouse website where I also spotted the clearance section….always a disaster to the bank balance. I just couldn’t resist the Mirasol Nuna, a simply divine sport weight. It just jumped into my shopping cart, honest.

This is also under the bed!

I love getting deliveries from Wool Warehouse because they pack everything in pretty gauze bags. Yeah I know…