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Kate at Haunted Yarns  linked me on her blog to answer 12 questions she has set for 12 bloggers (me being one of the twelve).  It’s a fun idea so here are my answers.

1.Of all the projects you’ve knitted for yourself, which is the one that you wear most often?
Hmm…I actually wear most of my handknits fairly regularly but at the moment, I’m probably wearing my February Lady or Purple Greenjeans most often.  I do wear my shawls all the time in the colder months, I wear them as scarves under my coat and of course all of my hats get regular outings too 🙂

2.What item would you never knit, even if you were offered a million pounds/dollars/euros to make one?
Crikey, I think I’d knit a cover for the Humber Bridge if I was offered that kind of money! Haha.  I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t knit for that but certainly there are things I just don’t have any desire to knit.  Dishcloths/Facecloths for instance, I’ve done them but I really don’t get all the fuss that some knitters make of them.  Another thing I really, really would never want to knit (or wear) is THESE!!

3.Do you have a favourite place to knit in your home?
In my house not particularly, though it’s usually the sofa I have been known to knit in bed.  My favourite place of all is on Patrick’s sofa in his house because it has a recliner so I get my legs up and I’m settled for the duration.

4.How long do you spend knitting per day?
I don’t always have time to knit everyday because I work full-time.  I do find that work gets in the way of life sometimes ;-). On the evenings I can knit though, I do make the most of it.  I get cosy on the sofa once the dinner dishes are washed and any chores are done.  I rarely watch TV, so I plug a podcast or audiobook into my ears and do nothing but knit and listen until bedtime.  Some evenings that can be two or three hours if I’m lucky.

5.Do you have a favourite knitting (or other craft) magazine?
Twist Collective.  Hands down favourite, I read it from cover to cover every issue and although I’ve never got around to purchasing any patterns yet, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until I do because I have loads of them in my favourites on Ravelry.  I don’t tend to buy knitting magazines because I think they are a bit pricey at around a fiver and I don’t really have a fiver to spare very often.

6.Have you ever used knitting needles for something other than knitting?
No.  I’ve often been tempted to strangle people with my circulars though!

7.Have you ever – successfully – taught another person to knit?
Unfortunately not.  I’ve never even successfully persuaded anyone to let me try, despite many attempts with various work colleagues and friends.

8.What is your favourite flavour of crisps?
Oh it has to be Walker’s Cheese and Onion…in a sandwich of nice fresh bread from the bakery.  Yum Yum.

9.Have you ever given up knitting for a long period of time (more than six months)?
Well I actually had a break of around 15 years but I have no idea why.  It wasn’t intentional, I just stopped knitting.  I used to knit in the 1980’s when I first had learned and because all women’s magazines at that time tended to have a knitting pattern or two in them.  I had no idea of nice yarns back then and would just buy cheap acylic from our local bargain shop but I did knit some nice things, a Mohair jumper back in the day when they were ultra-fashionable which was envied by all my friends.  Then when my first son was born, I knitted clothing and toys for him up to around 1994 when my second son was born.  And then I stopped.  Like I say, I don’t know why but I still feel guilty to this day that the only handknits son2 had were hand-me-downs from son1 :-(.  Then when I took up knitting again around four years ago I discovered Ravelry and my fate was sealed!

10.What makes you laugh?
I think it’s easier to say what doesn’t make me laugh really.  I can’t bear silly ‘alternative comedy’ (alternative in this situation usually just means that it is comedy that isn’t funny!).  I hated The Young Ones and Bottom and those kinds of things.  One thing I do laugh at which is to my discredit really, is other folks having accidents.  Now I don’t mean big accidents obviously that would be horrible, but if someone trips in the street or walks into something I just cannot help myself from laughing.  Cute animals or babies doing comical things also can crack me up.

11.What is your favourite book?
I always answer this with To Kill A Mockingbird because Scout really is my favourite fictional character ever but really I love lots of books.  Little Women is another favourite.  I joined Goodreads a while back and I really enjoy browsing that and seeing other readers opinions and reviews of books I’ve either read or want to read.

12.Do you accurately know how much yarn you own?
I do put stash on Ravelry and connect it to projects I’ve knitted so I think I’m there or thereabouts with it.  I also have it all on shelves in my bedroom so I can see it.  I used to forget what I had, even though it was on Rav but seeing it all there inspires me to choose projects to match my stash.

So there we are.  Now I am supposed to choose 12 bloggers to ask my 12 questions to but I’m afraid I only have 7 so stand up and be counted

Clicky Needles

1. What is your favourite thing to knit?
2. What is your favourite yarn, fibre/colours etc to knit with?
3. Where is your favourite or dream holiday destination?
4. What is your best tried and tested recipe?
5. What are you usually doing, if anything, at the same time as you are knitting?
6. Any other hobbies or interests that you are passionate about?
7. Choose: Starter or Dessert
8. Do you have a favourite book?  If so, what and why?
9. If you could meet a famous person, either present day or from history, who would it be?
10. What is your favourite animal?
11.  What kind of music do you enjoy?
12, What makes you happy?

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  1. Hello there! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. In response to your question, if you look at the very bottom of any Ravelry page, you will see 'Goodies', click and it will take you to the page. Hope you find it! Happy Knitting! Ros

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