So much to knit, not enough time!

Firstly, I’m not under any pressure, I rarely knit for others so it’s entirely up to me what I knit and when. It’s the deciding that’s the problem at the moment.

I’m currently on the last leg of my Ishbel, I’ll get it beaded and finished by the weekend I think. I have a couple of summer tops OTN which have been around forever and are likely to be around for much longer before I can be bothered with them again ­čść .

I really wanted to finish the Ishbel before I started anything else so I’ve resisted casting anything on for the past couple of weeks. I did start a February Lady ┬áin some Adriafil Soffio Plus from the knitting group raffle but have decided that I won’t have enough to finish it so that will be frogged, it would have been lovely, was knitting up a dream but I only have 5 balls of it and have used almost one whole ball and not yet finished the yoke. I need to find a use for this lovely yarn though. I also had started a Central Park Hoodie┬á in Patons Jet in a lovely bright red but have decided that I probably won’t wear it a lot and will get more use out of a Mr Greenjeans in that yarn. My dilemma at the moment is that it takes me rather a long time to knit a garment and I WANT THEM ALL NOW!! I have some Navy Blue Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran which I can see as a February Lady, the red Patons Jet which is destined for Mr Greenjeans and I’ve just bought some Ethical Twist DK in cardigan/jumper quantities in both camel and baby cream, either of which would make a gorgeous Coraline . I also want to use the Soffio for something and I have some Rowan Summer Tweed to knit Propello, which is the KAL on the Wormhead Hats group on Ravelry. Oh, and I will want to join in the mystery KAL on Wormhead in November too. Almost forgot the Arauncania that I bought with Clothilde┬á in mind too.

So….you see my problem? Too much to knit and not enough time.


  1. I’ve got so much startitus at the moment that I’m struggling to find the mojo to start anything if that makes sense! I did think of that option with the Feb Lady, I’ve seen some with little cap sleeves and they look nice. I haven’t plucked up courage to frog it yet as it’s really fluffy yarn and is so hard to frog so I may just leave it otn for now and decide at a later date.

  2. Oh my!!! That’s a lot of knitting! If it’s any consolation, I’m feeling the same way. I’m not allowing myself to cast anything else on until I’ve finished the body of a cardigan.

    Re your started Feb Lady; would you have enough yarn to do the body, and leave it sleeveless? Or maybe that would be a bit mad?!

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