So much to knit, too little time!

As previously mentioned, I have been sorting out my Ravelry queue lately and choosing things to knit or crochet with stashed yarn. Sadly the cardigan I started last week, Masterpiece hasn’t quite worked out and I’ve abandoned it. My own fault really as I knew my row gauge was out by 3 rows and this is a really complex design for a top-down tailored jacket, in which the row gauge is as crucial as the stitch gauge. However, loving how it was looking as I was knitting it up, I continued in denial until I came to the point where I was supposed to start shaping for the underarms and it was clearly far too short. So reluctantly, I have abandoned this one and have decided instead to knit Perfect Edge. This is by the same designer and in fact in the same e-book as Masterpiece. Row and stitch gauge match almost spot on so it should turn out better.

So, what did I do next, consult my Rav queue to start on the next one? Don’t be silly! Of course I started on something completely different. In my defence, this is a pattern I bought when it first came out Baby Cables and Big Ones Too. It’s a lovely pattern and I had some bright red James C Brett merino in stash so I cast on. I’m getting on well with it but now am panicking a bit because it has dawned on me that I really don’t have enough of this wool! I knew this but convinced myself that if I knit it shorter in the body (I am short) and with short or three-quarter sleeves then I may get away with it. Now, having just finished the first ball, I’m not so sure! I really can’t decide whether to continue and hope for the best or to cut my losses and either continue with one of my WIPs or start something else. Just look how those cables pop in this yarn though! 😍

I’ll continue with the second ball of wool and see how it goes. I’m really enjoying the knitting and it’s a great pattern, very clear and well written.

I’ll keep you posted!

There is so much that I want to knit and crochet at the moment. Unfortunately my mind works much faster than my fingers.