So what happened…

In 2011?  Well, I finished all of these projects.

That’s 18 projects in total comprising of:

1 jumper – I’m not sure I can call this finished actually because I’m still not happy with the shoulders so won’t wear it until I’ve unpicked and re-done them.  Oh sod it, it’s finished technically so it goes in the list
1 bolero – This may yet be sent to the Charity shop, I don’t really like the yarn so probably will never wear it.
4 shawls – Love, love, love these and wear them all the time.
1 scarf – A gift for my OH’s sister
1 cowl
1 pair of facecloths – Both cowl and facecloths were part of a swap on Ravelry, blogged about here.
4 hats – and only 1 for me!!
1 set of 3 baby layettes – for my work colleague for her triplets.
1 pair of mitts/glittens – requested by my 17 year old son who insists that my knitting is better than anything shop bought! (I’ve brainwashed him well obviously)
3 cardigans – the Red Mr Greenjeans was mostly knitted in 2010 but I did complete it in 2011. The February Lady I knitted in some bargain Debbie Bliss Rialton Aran and I wear it a lot and the Hampton is in Patons Caressa dk and is a really lovely cardigan which always gets complimented whenever I wear it.
You know, when I put it like that, I’ve actually been more productive than I realised, I tend to think that I don’t really produce much in the way of FOs for all the knitting I do but I’m rather pleased with this tally.  This is the first time I’ve really put together a collage and list of the things I’ve knitted and it’s been quite interesting to me.  Clearly I’m a selfish knitter because most of the things are for myself :-).  However I’m quite surprised that I’ve only knitted one hat for myself this year. I have knitted the same hat three times for my son, my OH and my mum’s friend though!

My main knitting resolution last year was to knit from stash.  I kept to that…mostly…but I can’t resist a bargain so I did make some purchases.  Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran at £1 per ball simply cannot be passed up!!  I think that is all I bought though so I’m calling that resolution a success.

So, onto 2012.  Aims for this year are:
1. Continue to knit up that stash and work from my Ravelry queue.  I have loads of things that I really want to knit.
2. Colourwork – I have halfheartedly started some mitts but I do intend to crack this colourwork malarky this year.
3. Knit more socks!  I haven’t knitted many pairs and I need to rectify this.
4. Blog more regularly.  I know I say this everytime I haven’t blogged for a while but I really do want to try to keep up with this because it is fun to look back on.
5. Put away a little money each month so that I can go to Harrogate for the Knitting show in November.  I’ve wanted to go for the past 2 years but when it’s come to it, I just haven’t had any money to spare.  I intend to go this year come hell or high water.

So a belated wish for a very Happy New Year to you all.  May 2012 be all that you need it to be.


  1. Wow! That's a lot of knitting, and it all looks great. I am insanely jealous of the £1 a ball Rialto! It would have been criminal not to buy it!!

  2. I'm impressed with all those cardis. I'm with you on the colorwork–I really want a pair of mittens:)

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