30 Days Wild – 4th June

Yes, I know I’ve missed day 3 but yesterday was horrible. The pain in my shoulder and arm was awful and I just couldn’t be bothered to do anything other than get through the day. It’s not as bad today thankfully.

Looking out at the garden this evening I noticed a new flower had opened in our baskets, I’ve been waiting for it. It’s a trailing petunia called Thumbelina and is supposed to be fragrant. So I popped into the garden, in the rain to see and smell it. It’s very pretty but I can’t say I got any scent from it.

Petunia Thumbelina

Whilst out there in the light rain, I noticed the raindrops on the leaves of a little shrub that I don’t know the name of. They were sparkling in the sunshine and looked like diamonds. I was listening to the pitter patter of the raindrops in the pond and actually felt my mood lift.

And that people is what 30 Days Wild is all about.

Raindrops like diamonds

30 Days Wild – 2nd June

Today I watched the bees in a large shrub in the next door garden, which I’ve now found out is a Cotoneaster. Every summer it teems with bees and we’re always fascinated by the activities.

Today I felt very down in the dumps. I had a busy workday so fast-forward to the evening and I just sat in the warm sunshine and watched the bees busying about. It completely lifted my mood and made me feel happier. The power of nature!

30 Days Wild – 1st June

Although I think it is aimed at children really, I’ve signed up for the Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild project. You can read more about it here but basically it aims to get you doing something nature related everyday in June. From a simple walk on the grass in bare feet to seeking out and identifying things in the natural world. I’m really busy working from home, struggling to switch off and so I thought this would make me take a little time out each day. I am a member of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

So today I went for a walk along the Beverley and Barmston drain before work. This is a fairly normal walk for me but today I made an extra effort to look at the plants and listen to the birdsong. On the way back home I spotted some beautiful aquilegia in a garden, such a pretty flower, I couldn’t resist including them in my photos.