It's My Life

From Now On

I’ve realised what it is that keeps me from keeping this blog updated. Perfectionism.  Yes, you heard that right.  Me, the most imperfect ‘oh that’ll do’ kind of person in the universe suffering from a bout of perfectionism.  What brings me to this conclusion is the memory of something about time management I read years ago basically saying that we put off jobs because we can’t see how to deal with things in small chunks, …

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Things that can cheer me up

Number one.   The first sign of Spring Soon these will be pretty Hyacinths with a gorgeous scent, right outside my front door to greet me each time I go into or come out of the house.  I do love these next few weeks every year, I get a ridiculous feeling of joy each time I notice more plants waking up out of their winter slumber.  The snowdrops are of course already out, they don’t count …

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