It's My Life

J-J-J-Jive Talkin’

Sorry this post is a bit wordy as I didn’t take any pictures. Note to self ; must do better! Last week I, my son Mason and his housemate Rosie had a night out to Hull New Theatre to see the fantastic Saturday Night Fever. We met early for food in Tanyalak which is a Thai restaurant close to the theatre. The weather was foul, chucking down and bitterly cold but the excellent food we …

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Proud all round!

Well my biggest news for this post is that my brilliant eldest son, Michael, had confirmation yesterday that his PhD Thesis has been accepted meaning he has passed and is now officially a Doctor of Computer Science. He actually passed his Viva last year but with a few corrections to be made. Having recently re-submitted the thesis, he was awaiting the result which came by email last night. He rang me immediately and sounded absolutely …

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