It's My Life


I’ve seen a few different performances at this fab little theatre space and I’ve just heard today that it is soon to close, the whole building being for sale. I really hope new buyers come in and continue the excellent work started here. I doubt that will happen though, the focus at the moment seems to be on redevelopment and I suspect that’s what will happen to this five storey building.A couple of weeks ago …

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The Crash Blossoms – December 2018

No, not the misleading headlines kind but the band of the same name.  Patrick and I first saw them perform at a Larkin’s beer festival, probably about 3 or 4 years ago now, quite by chance as we were naturally just there for the beer and weren’t really aware that there would be live music.  Just three young guys, one singing and playing a guitar, one on a double bass and one on percussion (if …

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