30 Days Wild – 9th June

I’m not managing to do something every day but I’m not going to stress over it, that would be counter productive. I’m enjoying what I am doing and I’m definitely thinking about nature each day.

Sunday and Monday were horrible days weather-wise and I just couldn’t be bothered if I’m honest. Monday was a busy workday anyway.

Tuesday was a fabulously wild day though. A bright and sunny morning so I went for my favourite local walk down the drain side. I decided to take some photos of the wildflowers and identify any I didn’t already know when I got back home. I didn’t know this one which I believe is a common knapweed.

I also loved the last of the dandelions with a little butterfly enjoying it.

I also saw poppies, clover and pretty Yorkshire fog grass.

Then, what an absolute delight. I could hear jackdaws calling from the trees on the opposite bank so was trying to spot them when I saw what I first thought was a ginger cat basking in the morning sunshine. It wasn’t a cat, it was a fox, two foxes in fact. Oh how I wished I’d had my camera with me, my phone just didn’t have the zoom capability to get a good picture. You can just spot them if you look closely!

We watched each other for a few minutes and then they slunk off into the undergrowth when a woman with two children joined me to watch them.

I walked back home with a spring in my step ready to face the day ahead and spotted this grass which is very familiar to me but I haven’t been able to find what it is called.

I was at home working when mid morning Patrick called to me to say there were a couple of birds we hadn’t seen before on the Niger seed feeder. We soon identified them as goldfinch fledglings.

This was so wonderful for us and we watched them for ages. For such little birds they can certainly eat plenty!

So, I think I had plenty of wildness on Tuesday to make up for the two days I’ve missed.

I Went For A Walk Today…

I have pledged to do 10000 steps a day, for the whole of March, fundraising for Prostate Cancer UK. During the week, I’m walking to and from work which takes care of about 7500 steps so the remaining 2500 aren’t too difficult to achieve but weekends are a bit of a struggle to get the steps in. So today I went for a walk. It was a beautiful, sunny spring day and I left the house and headed towards Beverley Road via Cottingham Road. My destination was Pearson Park which was the first public park in Hull and named after the ship owner and philanthropist Zachariah Pearson, who donated the land to build it. The park is currently undergoing a restoration and I was looking forward to seeing how this was progressing.

Walking down Beverley Road, I am always struck by the beauty of some of the architecture. I would love to step back in time to see this street as it once was. Now it’s a mixture of shabby bedsits within converted once-grand houses and Polish supermarkets! One such grand building that looks to have been sympathetically converted into an apartment block is the former Mayfair cinema pictured below. Unfortunately there’s a bus stop right in front of it so it’s impossible to get a clear shot.

On approach to the park entrance on Pearson Ave, I’m impressed by the restoration of the magnificent gateway. The gates and gateway have been repainted in the original period colours of green and cream and look wonderful.

Inside the park there is a lot of work still to be done but what is done looks fabulous. Tucked behind metal fencing, Queen Victoria has had a bit of a spruce up, she’s looking gleaming.

The new conservatory is I believe, built on the site of the old one and a beautiful bandstand is close by. I am looking forward to a time when this horrible Covid-19 outbreak is over and we can all go out to the park together again and enjoy these glorious facilities.

Leaving the park, I walked home via Newland Ave, popped into the greengrocers and tried the supermarket for bread flour, no luck there. This pandemic has brought out the worst in some people. Selfish panic bulk buying of some things leaving nothing for the rest of us. I hope they all get weevils in the flour they have stockpiled.

I decided to use Auckland Ave for the last leg of the walk home because its quieter and more peaceful than Cranbrook. This time of the year is my favourite time, everyone’s gardens bursting with life and the birds singing in the trees. The blossom of the magnolias in these gardens caught my eye and I quickly snapped a photo. I was a bit worried that someone might come running after me demanding to know why I was taking photos of their garden.

I feel so much better after a walk with mother nature and I’m not far off completing my step count today!

If you care to donate, here is the link. Jill’s 10000 Steps fundraising page for Prostate Cancer UK