It's My Life

12 in 12 Challenge – May

Yes, I am aware that I’ve missed April. The weather was so wet and cold that we actually couldn’t really be bothered with much and there didn’t seem much point in spending money just for the sake of saying we’d been somewhere! We enjoyed a cosy month at home, I did a bit of sewing so all was well with our world. So we’re down to 11 in 12 but it doesn’t have the same …

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Newsies in London

The trailers for this show kept popping up on my social media accounts and it grabbed my attention from the start. The high intensity dancing and acrobatics on show are just my kind of theatre entertainment! I suggested a trip down to see it and Patrick along with our friends Pete and Donna were all up for a London trip. The day we left Hull was horrible weather, sleet and snow and freezing cold but …

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Swan Lake

I’ve always wanted to see a live ballet, and a couple of years ago I got to go to see Cinderella with my beautiful sister-in-law Coral. I have to admit to being a bit disappointed, it wasn’t what I expected. The humour in it didn’t work for me but I’m sure that’s just me. Since then, I’ve been hankering after seeing another ballet to restore my faith so when I saw that the Russian State …

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