The Overtones at Hull City Hall

We had a few things booked into March and the first of these was at Hull City Hall on 9th March when we went to see The Overtones.  Coral and William are big fans so we had seen them a year or two back in Sheffield and thought they were amazing.  We didn’t enjoy the show quite so much in Hull but Coral said they usually sing with a live band but it was just backing tapes.  Some things didn’t run quite smoothly, the segue between songs for example.  With the news now of Timmy’s recent passing, we realise that he must have been feeling really quite ill which probably explains a lot.  So sad, far too young to die at 36 and my thoughts are with his family and friends.

The photo below isn’t that great, taken with my phone on zoom as it was but I just love the mood and feel of it.  I don’t know if something had gone wrong, someone sang the wrong part or whatever but the way they are laughing together shows a great camaraderie not only between themselves but with their fans.

RIP Timmy Matlett.