Time, or lack of, or mismanagement of, or……

I really, really want to keep up with this blog mallarky, I enjoy putting my thoughts down and keeping track of what I’m doing and how I feel but I just never seem to have the time.

2 Replies to “Time, or lack of, or mismanagement of, or……”

  1. I often feel the same and my kids are all grown up! but still at home) Sometimes I read some of the blogs on ravelry and wonder how they manage to do the knitting then take all the pictures for their blog, write the blog, work full time and have children (in some cases) AND do the housework?? I’m beginning to suspect that some of the superknitters really have secret knitters living in cupboards in their houses who do the knitting while they’re out at work etc! Wish I had one to do the housework… am I sounding bitter at all?

    Anyhow, to conclude, you’re not alone – I don’t know how they do it either!

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