Windows of the Adriatic

Well it’s been ages so what better than to make a new post of pictures from 5 years ago!

Flicking through instagram earlier I saw a post from @janiecrow, a crochet designer whose work I love. She had been to Venice and posted photos of washing lines full of washing, having been captivated by the washing and the colours of the buildings behind so had taken photos. It reminded me of our cruise in 2017 to the Adriatic. We visited Croatia, Slovenia and Venice and my little obsession became windows. I loved all the different styles, balconies, shutters and even better if there were people included in the mix.

All of these photos were taken just on a mobile phone, I didn’t have a camera at the time. They’re not the best in quality and the composition leaves a lot to be desired too! But I don’t profess to be a good photographer, I just enjoy capturing what I like the look of. I think I have got a little better over the past 5 years as I have tried to think more about composition and backgrounds before just snapping away at something. I also now have a camera. Mind you, sometimes a quick snap delivers a great shot too and the beauty of the digital age is that it is easy to delete what doesn’t turn out quite how you expected.

So without further ado, here are my windows of the Adriatic from 2017, taken on a Motorola Moto phone. Click on an image to scroll through the slide shot for full size pictures and descriptions.

Until next time….