WIPs and on the horizon

I currently have a fair few projects on the needles and am still wanting to cast on more!  There are just so many things I want to knit and as usual, not enough time to fit everything in.  I’m still working on the baby knits, I’ve now completed one jacket, two hats, the backs of two more jackets and a pair of mitts.  As everything in the pattern is written for knitting flat and seaming, I have converted the hat to be knit in the round and that has worked well.  However I thought I was being really clever and converting the mitts to be done bottom up, magic loop and two at a time!  Woah, learning curve overload!  I’ve found it to be really fiddly and awkward and they’ve taken me much longer than a tiny pair of baby mitts should have taken.  I think I’ll just follow the pattern for the other two pairs.

In between the baby knitting, I’ve been working on the Wilhelmina Shawl KAL that I mentioned last time.  I am really enjoying knitting this, it’s a very easy lace pattern to follow and it’s looking good.  I also decided to swatch and cast on for the Maude Louise cardigan by Knitting Kninja.

Maude Louise - back

This one has been started before actually and abandoned, over two years ago I swatched for this, couldn’t get the tension right and lost patience.  Someone else on Phoenix knitting forum  has knitted it recently and made an excellent job of it which gave me a kick start again.  I’ve finished the back but I’m spreading myself so thinly with knitting at the moment that I haven’t yet had time to cast on for the fronts. It’s a really pretty cardigan and looks nice in the sky blue Patons Jet that I am using.

The last of the WIPs (not counting the hibernating ones of course ;-)) is yet another Horatio.

Horatio brim and yarn

My 91 year old mum told me last week “I’ll let you knit one of those hats for Andy, I’ll buy the wool”.  Gee thanks mum, you’re so kind to me!  I don’t mind at all of course, it’s a lovely hat and mum’s friend Andy is very kind, visiting her when she was in hospital and taking her out in her wheelchair.  I just found it very funny to be told that I was to be allowed to knit a hat for someone :-), older people have such a way with words sometimes.  I bought some yarn from Kingcraig Fabrics on Ebay.  It was such good value at £3.00 for a 100g (200m) ball of Merino/Cashmere Aran weight.  I’m very pleased with how it is knitting up.

Coming up soon, in 5 days to be precise, is the annual Woolly Wormhead Mystery KAL.  I really enjoyed last years and despite being rather busy on the knitting front, I can’t resist joining in this year too.  I shall be knitting pattern A, in the very lovely King Cole Baby Alpaca in a brown shade.  I swatched the other night and am all set to go.  Another KAL I really, really want to be a part of is another one from WWMDfK.  The Van Tassel Mittens KAL in the Ravelry group for the book is now underway but as I’m still working on the previous KAL from that book, I think I really should finish something off before starting anything else.  These are so pretty though and I’m wanting to practice colourwork, and I have yarn that I could use so I’d be using up stash, and did I mention that they are so pretty and…and…and…I just know that I won’t be able to resist and will have them OTN before too long 😉

I have given up on the idea of knitting the Spock hats for Patrick and his friends for Christmas,

Live long and keep warm hat

I worked out the time it would take and Patrick agreed that it’s a waste of good knitting time for something that will be worn once for a novelty and then probably stuffed in a cupboard and forgotten about.

How fantastic is this hat?

You can find the pattern on her blog here.  It’s also a download from Ravelry here.

So wish I could spare the knitting time for this!