Yarnaholics not so anonymous

I’m on a yarn diet.  Yeah, yeah sure you are Jill!!   No, really, this time I really am.  Manda, one of the ladies who posts on the Phoenix Knitting Forums  has set herself a challenge, started a blog about it and invited us to join her.  I’m certainly in.  I have lots of yarn, as seen here (oh and there’s been much more bought since that picture )and I have lots of things I want to knit with it.  Here are the rules copied from Manda’s Blog :

  1. if I knit then it must be from my stash unless it is a gift for someone (even then it should be stash if possible)
  2. if some one asks me to knit for them they must buy the yarn (I don’t often knit for others as a rule)
  3. I can ask for and receive gifts of yarn (or money for yarn)
  4. I can give gifts of yarn
  5. I can swap or sell yarn (the money made can go in my yarn fund)
  6. I can buy yarn but it must come out of my yarn fund.
  7. I can earn yarn fund by knitting 1 pence for every meter of yarn I knit.  This is per finished item, UFOs do not count. If I finish a current WIP I can count this for my fund.

UFO = Unfinished Object, something you started to knit and it’s not looking likely that you will finish it anytime soon.

WIP – Work in Progress

So, As a starter, I’ve been through my Rav queue and assigned stash yarn to most of the projects in there.  If I can’t knit it from stash, it will have to be at the bottom of the queue for a while.  Apart from the hat I’m knitting for the Woolly Wormhead KAL, which I bought the yarn for before, everything I have in progress at the moment is using stashed yarn so I feel justified in saying I can add that meterage to my yarn fund when I finish them (eventually!).

So, wish me luck avoiding bargains and other temptations.  Yarn can employ very devious methods of ambush if you’re not careful so I’ll have to be super vigilant in my quest.